Alpha One Gives Back

Alpha One Pharmaceutical Afghanistan is a subsidiary of the Alpha One Pharmaceutical The Netherlands (Alpha One Group) and a member company of the renowned RG Group committed to inducting a state-of-the-art Pharmaceutical manufacturing, meeting International GMPH standards unit in Kabul Afghanistan.

Foreign Investment

The Group is aiming to invest almost of 10 Million US Dollars in the shape of Foreign Equity in the initial phase and another 6 Million US Dollars in the second phase, totaling to over 16 Million US Dollars invested in Afghanistan. The project is 100% equity-based and no funding shall be obtained from any local or foreign financial institutions.

Revenue Generation

The project will produce different types of medicines ranging from Anti-Infective, Cardiovascular, Gastro, Gynecology and other types of medicines. The Company will produce medicines value of 5 Million US Dollars in its first year and is forecasted to produce in excess of 8 – 9 Million US Dollars’ worth of medicines each year in 3 years of its life. This will help in significant reduction of the import burden from the country improving Afghanistan Balance of Trade and Economic situation.

In the second phase, Alpha One Group will induct an IV Fluids Plant which will further increase the Foreign Investment in Afghanistan by over 6 Million US Dollars. The projected production from this plant extension will be another 18 Million US Dollars annually, not just adding to affordable Healthcare for people of Afghanistan but also further improve Economic Indicators in the country.

Direct & Indirect Employment

Apart from the immediate economic effect through decrease in the import burden of Afghanistan, better and affordable health care options for the country, Alpha One Group intends to nurture a long-term impact to the society by providing technical knowledge and skill improvement for the local healthcare technicians, pharmacists, healthcare researchers, project and quality managers and laboratory analysts. Initially, in the 1st phase, Alpha One Group will hire 380 – 400 Direct Employees, which will be doubled in the 2nd phase, giving around 750 – 800 direct employment, which would mean benefiting at least 4,000 people via direct employment and around 10,000 – 12,000 people via indirect employment in Afghanistan.

Tax Revenue Generation

In addition to all the healthcare benefits, improved economic indicators and enhancing technical knowledge in the country, Alpha One Group’s foreign investment will generate a substantial revenue in the form Direct and Indirect Taxes for Afghanistan Government. A Tax revenue of 600,000 – 750,000 US Dollars will be expected income to the Government on annual basis through Income Tax on the profit of the company and Withholding Taxes on Employees’ salaries and other taxable income sectors.